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I am hope that one day I shall meet that right man and will have a very happy life partner.– Lara Giddings


A happy wife is also happy life. ~ Gavin Rossdale


Happiness is a extension of courage. ~Holbrook Jackson


happy life is one which is spent in learning, earning, and yearning. ~Lillian Gish


A solid sense of their self will help a person to lead to a full and happy life. ~ Kimberly Elise


All of the technology is completely unnecessary for a happy life. ~Tom Hodgkinson

I just find myself happy with the simple things appreciating the blessings god have given me.


If people are talking behind your back, than be happy that you are the one in front.

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The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are now, and not with who people think you are.


The talent of being happy is appreciating and loving what you have, instead of what you do not have.


The art of being happy is within the power of extracting happiness from common things.


Be happy for what you have, be excited for what you want.


Dream as if that you will live forever, live as if that you will die today.


If you want to be happy, set a target that commands your thoughts, increases your energy, and inspires your hopes.


Sometimes happiness is feeling and Sometimes it is our decision.


The key for being happy is knowing that you have the power to choose between, what to accept and what to let go.


Many years from now, you will feel bad for the goals you didn’t do. So live far on the edge of your comfort zone, Make more mistakes. Explore the world around, Dream big and discover.


One of the most durable truths in life comes from being genuinely happy for others’ good fortunes.


If you spend your life waiting for the storm, than you will never have time to enjoy the sunshine.


Do not waste even one minute of your life being unhappy. If one window closes, find another one open, or break the window down.

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Sometimes, the things you are most afraid of, end up being what makes you the happiest, That’s why you should always take risks.


Friends are like flowers, So be with a beautiful bunch, so you will add color to your life.


Happy is the person who accepts what he can’t change everything.


Never ever rely on someone else for your confidence and self-worth, Only you can be accountable for that.


Life is too small to waste time on people who sucks out the peace from your life.

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Most people are as happy as much they decide to be.


There’s no guarantee that every action will bring happiness, but certainly, their exists no happiness without any action.


The secret of happiness lies in appreciating where you are in life today and making the most of every day’s blessings.


When I look back at all the troubles I had in my life, I remember the story of an old man on his deathbed, He spoke of the greatest troubles he had that didn’t even happen.


Beautiful people do not just appear out of nowhere, They’re the ones who have dealt with disappointments, loss, pain, and rejection, but still, they managed to find their way out unscathed.


Be joyful not because everything is great, Be joyful because you see everything in a great way.


Happiness doesn’t depend on our owned things, but on our views on important things.


Follow your happiness and stop being afraid, Do that, and the doors you thought were closed will be opened automatically.


Long weekends are gifts from god.


Life is not about searching for someone special, Rather, it’s about establishing yourself.


Actually, life is simple but People just make it complicated and more complicated.


Wealthy is the person whose happiness demands no money.


Optimism is like a magnet, Be happy, and all the good things will come to you automatically.


Happiness lies in the state of our activity.

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One cheer can make disappear a hundred heartaches.


We are not allowed to exhaust our happiness if we don’t produce it, the same way we should not spend the money if we didn’t earn it.


A man stripped of happiness isn’t a man alive, He’s one breathing machine.


The purpose of life is happiness, not fear.


The two perils of life include pain and joy.


Positive attitude brings people more energy, more enthusiasm, and more happiness in life.


Worry doesn’t steal the sadness of tomorrow, It only takes out the happiness of today.


Life feels so much better when we are laughing.


Envy is harmful, for it lasts more than the happiness of those we’re envious of.


It’s good to laugh at life’s jokes than to cry in its sorrows.


Let your smile affect the world, not vice versa.


Don’t give up on people who makes you laugh and smile.


Stop playing and you will be mature, Keep playing, and you’ll never age a day in your life.


True happiness comes from the inside, so radiate love with the every fiber of your being.


Always find one or more reasons to smile.


Be happy with what you have, but be excited for what you want to achieve in life.


Figure out your age by the number of friends you have, but not by years, Figure out your life by the number of smiles you did, but not by tears.


Let’s be thankful to the people who make us happy, They’re the patient gardeners who make our souls shine.


Stars don’t shine until they meet darkness.


Happiness is not what, but a question how, It doesn’t depend on anything else but a state of mind.


Decide once and for all that your problems are of your own doing and Stop blaming your parents for your situations, and the world. If you can do that than you’re one step closer to controlling your own destiny.


On your own, you’re already complete, Understand it and you’ll have meaningful energy behind everything you do.


There is no better wealth than what peace of mind can give you.

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The grass is always healthier where you daily water it.


Tension defines who you should be, while relaxation defines who you really are.


Think great thoughts but enjoy small pleasures.


Be the reason for the somebody to smile everyday.


Enjoy the time passing, and it won’t be considered time wasted at all.


Security’s nothing but a lie, it doesn’t really exist, In life, there’s only adventure or nothing at all.


Anyone can make you smile, but only a chosen ones can make you happy.


A mother’s love and a father’s care are the best things in the world.


Fear not the enemy who can strike you, but the fake friend who laughs with you.


Someone who doesn’t understand your quietness, will surely not understand your words.

To smile genuinely is my only agenda for my life.


There’s no greater challenge than doing things people think you can’t do.


Be happy for today, because today your life starts.


Happiness isn’t just a feeling, It’s our choice.


Wherever you go, there your heart should also go.


It’s difficult to rise above if baggage from past is dragging you down.


Life’s short, so Stop thinking about your problems, Smile and be happy, Live your life today because there might be no tomorrow.


To make a man happy, don’t add to his riches, Instead, help him lessen his fantasy.


The only time you’ll fail in life is when you screw up and refuse to get up.


Smile and silence are two useful tools, Smiling is a way to fix your problems and Silence is the way to avoid creating new ones.


A peaceful life in the country, being of use to others whom it’s easy to do good as well as to those not accustomed to such, having work that is meaningful, rest, nature, literature, music, and love – that’s my way of happiness.

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